A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad

Ragam berita terkini kita sajikan berikut ini A New WordPress App Update, Designed for the iPad menjadi informasi terbaru dari website gado-gado selengkapnya bisa anda simak pada artikel berikut ini:

Over the past few months we’ve been working to dramatically improve users’ experience on iPad — and we’re proud to share those with you now, in our WordPress app for iOS, available in the iTunes Store.


The apps were originally designed with only iPhones in mind, so we wanted to make better use of the space available on the iPad and especially iPad Pro, to maximize your productivity in the app. These changes shipped incrementally, with the very final ones being included in the 7.1 release that went out last week.

We’ve improved the My Sites management to make it easier to handle multiple sites on iPad. Now you can see the posts from that blog alongside the list of blogs, and site management is now all on one screen – no more back and forth!




Managing profiles follows the same pattern.


Notifications has been overhauled, too.


We’re really excited about these improvements and hope iPad users of WordPress will be, too! We look forward to continuing to improve your WordPress experience, no matter what device you use.

Get the app on iTunes.

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